Glamping in New Jersey

Vamizi Island Lodge

I’m not into camping, but a friend of mine has an RV and loves to go camping with her family. I told her the only way I’d go is if I went glamping. She had never heard of it. I explained I the newer camping trend. It’s glamorous camping, and it could be as simple as a yurt with a bed, hardwood floor, and screened windows, to a big tent with luxurious accommodations including electricity, beds, dressers, chairs, tables, lighting, flat screen TVs, and en suite bathroom with shower, all on a platform with hardwood floors and rugs. The latter reminds me of the luxury safari tents you’d see in parts of Africa (as in photo on left).

Nothing this glamorous is available in New Jersey. However, if you’d like to go glamping in the Garden State, check out Belleplain State Forest in the Pinelands. The campgrounds are adjacent to Lake Nummy, which you can use for swimming, fishing, and boating, and there are abundant trails throughout the 21,320 acre park.

Yurt in Belleplain State ForestThey have five assembled yurts available, like the green one pictured, which are circular tents built on a wooden platform, and has a plexiglass skylight. The wooden front door locks for your protection, the screened windows have outer flaps, and there are two bunk beds with mattresses that sleep four. Outside is a picnic table, fire pit, and grill. There’s a bathroom down a path with sinks, toilets,  showers, and electricity, and there is access for those with disabilities.

This is the most rustic version of glamping, but you don’t have to pitch a tent, or inflate air mattresses, and you can bring comforts from home to glam it up a bit. The yurts are assigned numbers, so make sure you choose the right one before setting up.

Once you’ve glamped in New Jersey, head out to other states or locations around the globe for a more glamorous camping experience!

Vamizi Island Lodge photo from Glamping Girl, Belleplain photo courtesy of Gary Rockwell.

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