The Lost Art of Writing

When I graduated from junior high (middle school), my certificate was handwritten in calligraphy by my math teacher. It was one of his hobbies, and I was so impressed with his skills that I bought a marker-type calligraphy pen and taught myself the fine art of that writing style.

Calligraphy on Parchment Paper

I later bought a fountain pen and parchment paper and wrote letters to my friends around the country. Sometimes I sealed the envelopes with red sealing wax, stamped it with my initial, and hand delivered the letters. I loved writing by hand.

As email became more popular, I dropped snail mail for the speedy response my computer could deliver. Now that texting is the new flavor, I use that form of communication for an even faster reply.

Sites like Evite, eliminate the need to send out invitations, and will even keep a tally of RSVPs. If you’re having a pot luck, they have a database that will allow all to see who’s bringing what to eliminate duplicates. You can also send out thank you cards.

That’s where I draw the line. I try to mail out invitations, and send out thank you cards whenever possible, and request that my kids follow suit. I even send out folded holiday cards with a processed photo attached, and the entire family’s signature!

The last Evite invitation I received got me thinking. I need to go back to the old school of communication once in a while, and treat my family and friends to a handwritten letter, written with a fountain pen on nice stationery. I bet they’d be really surprised to receive it in the mail. In addition, I might even have a photo PRINTED to include with the letter. That sure beats an email with an attachment!

There are some Princeton residents who still write letters using elegant stationery, and send out fancy invitations for a girls night out, barbecue, kids party, or an afternoon tea. It’s never too late to join the crowd.

If you’re thinking of bringing back the art of writing in your life, you can visit Jordan’s, Paper Source or The Papery to get started. I’ll send my first out today to my mother so I can practice my calligraphy since I’m a little rusty. Let me know if you get one out in the mail as well.


  1. says

    Technology attacks! Convience sometimes means a loss of that personal touch. I haven’t written a letter with ink in ages LoL but your right a hand signed thank you card shows true sincere appreciation.

    • shutterbuggeek says

      Sometimes low tech is better. We have to pick and choose when it’s appropriate these days. Not only are we losing the art of writing, but also the art of live conversation. We’re making fewer calls and writing more text messages. Are we disconnecting from reality too much? Sounds like another post! 😉

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